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Travel to the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Official Travel Notes Blog

The major story of the day is the draw for the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany.

Football fans can start planning their trip to Germany next summer, now that they know where their teams will be playing in the group stage.

Munich stages the opening game on June 9th, 2006 and Berlin hosts the final on July 9th.

If you're one of those fans or will be in Germany next summer, these are the cities to be in.

Tuesday, 13th June (Brazil vs Croatia)

Thursday, 15th June (Sweden vs Paraguay)

Tuesday, 20th June (Ecuador vs Germany)

Friday, 23rd June (Ukraine vs Tunisia)

Friday, 30th June (1/4 Final Match)

Sunday, 9th July (The World Cup Final)

Saturday 10th June (Trinidad and Tobago vs Sweden)

Wednesday 14th June (Germany vs Poland)

Monday 19th June (Togo vs Switzerland)

Thursday 22nd June (Japan vs Brazil)

Tuesday, 27th June (Group F Winner vs Group E Runner-up)

Tuesday, 4th July (Semi Final)

Saturday, 10th June (England vs Paraguay)

Tuesday, 13th June (South Korea vs Togo)

Saturday, 17th June (Portugal vs Iran)

Wednesday, 21st June (Holland vs Argentina)

Saturday, 1st July (1/4 Final match)

Friday, 9th June (Poland vs Ecuador)

Monday, 12th June (USA vs Czech Republic)

Friday, 16th June (Argentina vs Serbia and Montenegro)

Wednesday, 21st June (Portugal vs Mexico)

Saturday, 1st July (1/4 Final Match)

Saturday, 10th June (Argentina vs Côte d'Ivoire)

Thursday, 15th June (Ecuador vs Costa Rica)

Monday, 19th June (Saudi Arabia vs Ukraine)

Thursday, 22nd June (Czech Republic vs Italy)

Friday, 30th June (1/4 Final Match)

Monday, 12th June (Italy vs Ghana)

Friday, 16th June (Mexico vs Angola)

Tuesday, 20th June (Costa Rica vs Poland)

Friday, 23rd June (Switzerland vs South Korea)

Tuesday, 27th June (Group H Winner vs Group G Runner-up)

Monday, 13th June (Australia vs Japan)

Saturday, 17th June (Italy vs USA)

Tuesday, 20th June (Paraguay vs Trinidad and Tobago)

Friday, 23rd June (Saudi Arabia vs Spain)

Monday, 26th June (Group E Winner vs Group F Runner-up)

Sunday, 11th June (Angola vs Portugal)

Saturday, 17th June (Czech Republic vs Ghana)

Tuesday, 20th June (Sweden vs England)

Friday, 23rd June (Togo vs France)

Monday, 26th June (Group G Winner vs Group H Runner-up)

Sunday, 11th June (Serbia and Montenegro vs Holland)

Wednesday, 14th June (Spain vs Ukraine)

Sunday, 18th June (France vs South Korea)

Wednesday, 21st June (Iran vs Angola)

Saturday, 24th June (Group C Winner vs Group D Runner-up)

Friday, 9th June (Germany vs Costa Rica)

Wednesday, 14th June (Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia)

Sunday, 18th June (Brazil vs Australia)

Wednesday, 21st June (Côte d'Ivoire vs Serbia and Montenegro)

Saturday, 24th June (Group A Winner vs Group B Runner-up)

Wednesday, 5th July (Semi Final)

Sunday, 11th June (Mexico vs Iran)

Thursday, 15th June (England vs Trinidad and Tobago)

Sunday, 18th June (Japan vs Croatia)

Thursday, 22nd June (Ghana vs USA)

Sunday, 25th June (Group D Winner vs Group C Runner-up)

Tuesday, 13th June (France vs Switzerland)

Friday, 16th June (Holland vs Côte d'Ivoire)

Monday, 19th June (Spain vs Tunisia)

Thursday, 22nd June (Croatia vs Australia)

Sunday, 25th June (Group B Winner vs Group A Runner-up)

Saturday, 8th July (Third-Place Match)

I'm making dates in my diary already. It looks like it's going to be a good summer.

Which games would you like to see? Where would you like to be in Germany this summer? Let me know.

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At 14/12/05 16:49, Anonymous Athene Aquinas said...

I complain daily about living here in Munich but now, well atleast for that month, living in Germany will be FUN :-) Go Germany and Ballack!

At 16/12/05 14:04, Blogger Michel (travelnotes) said...

I'd like to be in Munich to see Brazil play Australia on Sunday, 18th June.

England could play in the Munich semi-final (5th July), if they win their group and two knock-out matches.

It's a possible match-up with Brazil.

At 18/12/05 18:28, Blogger DA said...

Man, I can't tell you how much I want to be in Nurnburg for Mexico v Iran. I got too much to work on though, maybe in 2007?

At 18/12/05 18:41, Blogger Michel (travelnotes) said...

Mexico vs Iran?

That's an interesting choice. Are you Mexican or Iranian?

At 21/12/05 04:34, Blogger DA said...

I'm Muslim and most people I grew up with were Mexicans. That and both teams have some really interesting, dynamic players who don;t get much press attention.

At the end of the day, though, I'm a Glasgow Celtic man.


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