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Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Official Travel Notes Blog

There are three options for us to choose this end, for Who Can Comment on blog entries: Only Registered Users, Anyone, or Only Members of this Blog.

When I was setting things up late last night.... well, early this morning, I initially chose Only Registered Users.... and to notify me of comments posted.

That's fine, if most people reading the Travel Notes Blog are a part of the Blogger sphere but not very practical if they come here from TravelNotes.org, are not registered users and don't want to register to post a comment. So I changed the setting to Anyone.

Free speech is great but as spammers, bless them, do a very good job of spoiling things for everyone we will need to 'add moderation to the comments'.

No, I'm not going to edit your comments (although inappropriate links might get deleted), or not accept them if I don't agree with them. Rather this is a necessary safety valve to stop the 'comment spam', that always arrives on public forums, from ever seeing the light of day.

If feedback suggests to me that people don't like the idea of comment moderation, then I'll remove it and put the setting back to Only Registered Users.

Of course this means that some spam may rest in the open until I get online to delete it.



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