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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Official Travel Notes Blog

In my quest to find more Travel Blogs to read, I came across an interesting site for Bloggers.

BlogExplosion is like a directory with a blogging community thrown in; a mix between a banner exchange and All Advantage (if you remember them) designed to explode traffic to your blog.

First you submit your blog to the directory. If you get accepted, I'm sure most sites will, you must abide to a few simple rules: Cannot break out of the surf frame; your site must be in english; the site must be a blog, or a service that caters to bloggers.

The Surf Frame

This is like the All Advantage program I mentioned earlier, only you don't get cash rewards for surfing with an advertising toolbar; instead, you get credits for surfing member blogs. For every two member blogs you look at, you get a credit and your blog will be shown to other members who choose to surf member blogs. The top frame contains a member banner and a system to control abuse - there's a time clock (30 seconds) to keep tricksters from clicking next all the time and a number confirmation click-through to stop the bots.

Banner Exchange

You can upload a banner to your account and choose to use your credits for banner exposure (one credit is currenty good for 36 exposures of your banner), to members surfing other member blogs.

Winning Credits

There's also a number of ways to win credits through random chance (mystery credits gained while surfing member blogs or posting in the shoutbox; through scratch cards (costs a credit); the monthly contest (surf a minimum of 20 member blogs to qualify); and a (soon to be launched) daily lottery.

Blogging Community

As well as encouraging members to surf member blogs and post in the shoutbox, you'll also find a member forum to bring bloggers together. There's also links to the profile pages of members online, so be sure to fill in your profile details. Tags are used to link members with similar interests together as well. If you think your blog is great, you could put it to the vote in Battle of the Blogs.

Blogging Extras

If all of this isn't enough to convince you, you can announce your latest blog posts in Headlines (costs a credit) and even ping a number of updating services (free), to get them to index your site again.

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

If you're serious about your blog and blogging in general then you should be serious about getting more readers to it and interacting with other bloggers. What's more, it's 100% free.

Explode Traffic To Your Blog Today!

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