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Caribbean Cruises From $16 Per Night

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Official Travel Notes Blog

You may remember we mentioned the Old Dominion Line campaign from 1908, offering a short sea trip to Norfolk and Old Point for $14 or Richmond and Washington DC for $15, in The Golden Age of Travel.

Well, how would you like to cruise at those prices today?

It sounds crazy but it's true. This winter you could be cruising Barbados and The Caribbean for less than the price of a winter coat.

Cruising on a budget is not new; it proved very successful in the Mediterranean, during the summer - with stops in Nice (Fridays), Cannes (Saturdays), St Tropez (Sundays), Monaco (Mondays), Genoa (Tuesdays), Portofino (Wednesdays) and San Remo, via Imperia (Thursdays).

Budget cruises are aimed at the younger crowd who prefer to spend time ashore, enjoying the destination's attractions and its nightlife, rather than being shepherded back on board in time for the evening meal and a waltz while the crew haul anchor.

Stelios was born in Greece on the 14th of February, 1967, the middle child of Loucas and Nedi Haji-Ioannou.The budget cruiser, easyCruiseOne, was launched in May 2005 by Stelios Haji-Ioannou (or Stelios); the entrepreneur behind the low-cost airline, easyJet.

The cruise ship has 75 double cabins, seven quad cabins, four suites and carries a total of 170 passengers and 54 crew.

On board there is a Sports Bar with restaurant and evening DJ, a Café Ritazza, an on-deck bar with hot tub (no swimming pool), a shop and a gym.

Rooms are basic and painted in the bright, trademark tangerine-orange of the easyGroup. Travelling light is advised as there's not a lot of storage space in the rooms, some with bunk beds.

On an easyCruise the staff will only clean your room if you pay extra, so keep it tidy yourself!

Prices will fluctuate depending on demand, so if you want to see The Caribbean at a fraction of normal cruise costs, then you're advised to book early and be flexible with your cruise departure dates.

Cruises From $16 Per Night with easyCruiseCruise passengers can join an easyCruise where and when they want, subject to a two night minimum, fourteen night maximum stay. With much more independence than conventional cruise lines offer, easyCruise attracts a genuinely young crowd.

Seven-day rolling itinerary for easyCruiseOne in The Caribbean this winter:

Cruise in The Caribbean with easyCruise.com for less than the price of a winter coat.Saturday: Barbados - one night in port on-board ship.

Sunday: Barbados - all day on the island departing in the evening.

Monday: St Vincent.

Tuesday: Martinique.

Wednesday: The Grenadines.

Thursday: Grenada.

Friday: St Lucia.

If you would like to Cruise in The Caribbean for Less Than the Price of a Winter Coat, visit easyCruise.com for more details.

Any maybe you'd like to tell us about your budget cruise experiences when you get back.

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At 8/12/05 22:52, Blogger Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Well, I can only dream from Nigeria.

From $16 to be on a cruise ship?
That's cheap even by my own Nigerian standard.

$16 is even less than the transport fare for a bus ride in Nigeria for 12 hours journey by road.

How I wish I could be in the US before Christmas Day. To celebrate
Christmas aboard a cruise ship.

At 19/12/05 08:42, Anonymous allan said...

The Europe trip looks wonderful, I'll check it out.

At 22/8/06 00:03, Anonymous Doc said...

EasyCruise is a very nice way to cruise around various parts of the Caribbean for very good prices. I traveled the Barbados itinerary last spring for $20 a night and had a wonderful time.

They plan to visit 6 islands based in St. Maarten this year, and prices are about $35-70 per night per cabin so far. In my opinion, if you like having a nice place to sleep, and then being able to leave the ship for an entire day (till 10pm) to explore an island, it is a great option. If you are going, you should remember that the rooms are very small (about 8 inches wider than a double bed), and very spartan. They are quite clean and comfortable, but there is little space for extra luggage, so travel light.

At 17/1/07 01:08, Blogger Wordy Worldly said...

I've been hunting around for cruise deals and finally, your Travel Notes Blog helped me with real information. Thank you for your great work... I personally have never taken a cruise but will try to in 2007!!!


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