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Destination Clubs

Friday, March 02, 2007

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What's the deal on destination clubs?

For those who like the comforts of home when they go on holiday, and feel that a hotel doesn't quite offer them that, there are a number of other options: homeswaps, timeshares and currently making the news: destination clubs.

As always, there are advantages and disadvantages.


You can choose a different house every time you go away but then you'll also have strangers in your home. If you don't like the thought of that, then perhaps villa rentals would suit you better.


Owning a part of your holiday home is fine, if you like going to the same place every year, but there's been a lot of bad publicity with timeshares; caused by the over persuasive and pestering tactics of some timeshare touts trying to pay for a life in the sun, or on the slopes, based on the commissions they make off 'the punters'.

Destination Clubs

And now the big one.

A destination club is not for the financially strapped at all.

Like most clubs, there's an initial membership fee that could cost much more than the price of a second-home. Some people even sell their second home to join.

There's also an annual fee that would make a budget traveller weep.

All this money and you don't even own anything; except for a taste of luxury. But if you can afford the membership fee, then you have enough luxury in your life already.

So it's a luxurious change of scenery.

Some destination clubs have stepped up a gear and are now offering luxury homes based on a single theme; as a way to stand out from the crowd.

While money might not be an object for many affluent travellers thinking about joining a destination club, shrewd research and attention to contract details should be applied as poorly-run and under-funded clubs can disappear faster than the value of shares in a Wall Street crash.



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