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Best Travel Blog

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Official Travel Notes Blog

Best Travel Blog

As the overall winner, this award will go to a blog whose travel-related writings have been consistently interesting, entertaining, useful, well-written, or otherwise worth spending time reading.

This is the one you've all been waiting for......

Nominations for 'Best Travel Blog', that were already 'nominated' in other categories, can probably be crossed off our 'deserving shortlist'; if they weren't among the front-runners or earned an honourable mention in a previous category.

Previous Categories:
Best Photography on a Travel Blog.
Best Single-Author Travel Blog.
Best Group-Written Travel Blog.
Best Informative/Practical Travel Blog.
Best Destination Blog.

Nominations Only Appearing in This Category:
(In order of nomination)

Travel Adventures of Erin and Lance Willett: RSS
Chronicles the travel adventures of Lance and Erin Willett, on the road in a 21' motor home. Includes plenty of photos and a video collection.

Another Station: RSS
Travelling through India by train. Maybe a little ambitious to dive straight into the 'Best Travel Blog' category and hope to pull the red carpet out from under the feet of our other category nominees, and award winners, already standing on it.

Travolution Blog: RSS
Commentary and analysis on the online travel industry.

Autumn and Danny World Travel: RSS
A self-confessed plug from Autumn but it's actually a treat; with photographs displayed creatively in a default Blogger template. Follow Autumn and Danny as they criss-cross the globe and gain pleasure from their enjoyment.

The Kiwi Travel Blog: RSS
'How Kiwis see the world'. This could probably have been well received in the 'Best Group-Written Travel Blog' category but it's not going to be out of it's league going straight for the top prize.

The Connected Traveller: RSS
Russell Johnson's look at the world of travel and gadgets. Could be worth thinking about for the big one.

DestinationSomewhere: RSS
Would have been better starting out with a nomination somewhere else. Not up to the competition in here.

Belize Vacations and Adventure: RSS
'Former Charlton Athletic and West Bromwich Albion striker Andy Hunt now lives and runs the Belize Jungle Dome'. Terrific, but I would have rather seen it nominated in the 'Best Destination Blog' category. There, it might have stood a chance.

Family Travel: RSS
Again, a little out of it's depth in here.

The Materialist: RSS
'Conde Nast Traveler's blog on fashion, shopping, trends, design, and generally traveling in style'. Probably not strong enough to push out stable mate, Perrin Post.

'Postcards Travel Blog' does not warrant linking to, as their home page has half-visible keyword spam; in a light blue text on green background, way off the bottom of the content.

Cool Hunter:
There's an interesting and innovative design feel to the overall presentation of the imagery here and it could have done extremely well in the 'Best Photography on a Travel Blog' category. Worth perusing for a visually stimulating and rather unique look at travel blogging. Page-loading can take a while but it's worth the wait; unlike the b5media collection.

Girl Solo in Arabia: RSS
Carolyn McIntyre travels from the Moroccan city of Tangiers, through 46 countries, in an attempt to recreate an epic journey made 700 years ago; by the famed Islamic scholar and traveller, Ibn Battuta. Now this is a journey close to my heart; having read the Travels of Ibn Battuta, when starting out as a vocational traveller myself. However, I'm not sure whether it's 'Best Travel Blog' material but could be one to think about.

Prepare For landing was also nominated but it's too new and will have to be ignored.

Nominations Elsewhere That Maybe Miss The Boat:
A Luxury Travel Blog, Aviation Daily on Airports, Corporate America Runaway, Escape Blog, Exposed Planet, Gadling, Gridskipper, Happy Hotelier, Holiday Pad, Inside Traveller, Jaunted, Let's Visit Asia, Nerd's Eye View, NewYorkology, Russian Entry, Seattle Traveler, Southwest Airlines Blog, Select World Travel, Ship to Shore, The Cheapest Destinations Blog, The Citizen, The Cranky Flier, The Travel Net, Today in Travel, Travel Rants, Up Front with Tim Winship, Vagablogging, View from the Wing and WorldHum.

Nominations That Could Take Off:
Autumn and Danny World Travel, Brave New Traveller, Cool Hunter, Girl Solo in Arabia, Hotel Chatter, Perrin Post, The Connected Traveller, The Kiwi Travel Blog, The Lost Girls, TravelerWire, Travelistic Blog, Travel Sweeps, and Vagablond.

In Summary

So there you have it, a review of the 2007 Travvies Nominations from TravelNotes.org.

It's been a fun task going through them all but I don't think I've made the judges' tasks any easier and I'm sure those of you voting won't see it all the way I do.

Hopefully, I won't be too far wrong and maybe this has helped steer you to a couple of nominations, that you might not have thought about looking at. In which case, it was worth while doing.

If you've missed out on the nominations and have a 'travel blog of quality', that you think Travel Notes should be linking to, let me know about it.



At 31/8/07 22:05, Anonymous Cyprus CarRent said...

Well there are a lot of quality travel related blogs listed in the post. I really think that it would really be very interesting to see you gets the award. To be honest i have not gone through any of the nominated blogs except 2-3. but really looking forward to it.

Cyprus CarRent

At 25/8/08 10:01, Anonymous Indian Hotels said...

It is realy a goog travel blog and it is provides some interesting things about travel.


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