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Earn Income From Your Blog

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Official Travel Notes Blog

Once you've started your blog and have worked hard to get a readership base, through community building, you might be thinking about making some money from your writing.

Occasionally, you might even be thinking about what to write.

How about combining a nudging suggestion about what to write with getting paid for it?

Writers block released, for a fee!

Blogsvertise claim to do that.

Apparently, instead of just buying banner space and text link placement (although they can do that as well), advertisers will pay for bloggers and online journal writers to 'create a buzz'; by writing about their product or service.

Getting Started!

Interested bloggers need to register their blog at Blogsvertise. Once the blog is approved, the blogger will enter an 'assignment queue' and (hopefully) receive new tasks, by e-mail, to write about in their blog.

The e-mail will contain a website url and the blogger's task is to mention the company in their blog and provide at least three links to the website in their blog entry.

The company's product or service does not need to be endorsed, just written about. Even bad publicity is good publicity; as all the search engine spiders register, is that there's website links to the company around the Web. The company then has an increase in their link popularity.

Of course, if you write a good entry (even if it's a 'bad' review) you might find other bloggers linking to it and the company gets an 'online buzz'; even if it's negative.

Once you've written about your task (to be completed within 5 days), you'll need to log-in to Blogsvertise and submit your blog entry for approval.

Assuming everything is fine, you should get paid through PayPal within 30 days (so you'll need a Pay Pal account).

How Much Will You Make?

The current payout rate for new accounts is 4-25 dollars per entry, although most 'assignments' will fall into the $5-15 range. That's 50-150 dollars for ten writing tasks.

Once you have successfully completed five tasks, that were approved, you might even be eligible for a higher rate.

Some blogs may be approved but put on a 'probation status'; if there appears to be little or no content, or if the blog was only recently created. Bloggers without an established readership won't be creating much of a buzz and therefore the payout rate in this case is two dollars for each assigned, completed and approved assignment.

Advertising Through Blogsvertise

Advertisers interested in this concept will be charged a $20 flat rate (per blog); where the system is used to find related blogs.

'Power users' will be charged between four and fifty dollars, with most blogs falling in the eight to thirty dollars price range. Although this is more time-consuming, advertisers can search blog inventory and pick and choose which blogs they would prefer to advertise on.

Personally, I would rather choose where to advertise.

Pricing is based on quality and traffic scoring as measured by independent third parties.

I've just realised, I've linked to Blogsvertise at least three times in this blog entry. Good training, if nothing else.

If you want to 'create a buzz' for your completed assignments, feel free to post the blog-entry link in the comments.

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