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Where Should I Go on Holiday

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Official Travel Notes Blog

If you're having trouble deciding where you should go for your next holiday, try the BBC's not-so-serious personality quiz, to find out which types of holiday might suit you best.

There are six drop-down lists, where you choose one of three selections from each.

I am
Lazy tiger
'If you're as lazy as a tiger under a midday sun, chances are you'll enjoy a serious lounge-around-a-pool holiday, with entertainment laid-on and your every whim attended to.'

Night Owl
'If you're a creature of the night, then you might well fancy a city break, or a beach-side resort with clubs a go-go. You might also enjoy the thrill of strolling through a sunset souk or market.'

Ravenous for culture
'Ah, the Great Culture Vulture. Less likely to be spotted on a reef or pampas, you're happiest where you can indulge in the more cerebral aspects of travel.'

I would not be seen dead in
'Scared off by a two-piece? Cover up, hide yourself away, find secret spots in urban places. Or, pull on the padding, hit the piste!'

Wetsuit wobbler
'This is understandable. If anyone you know looks good in a wetsuit, please let us know. In the meantime, you might like to start off with some trips where you can wear forgiving clothing.'

Museum allergy
'Echoing corridors and dusty glass cases make you sneeze and twitch. Don't fight it. Get outside to see beaches and beasts, or combine sun with shopping.'

My favourite film is
Easy Rider
'You'll be happiest on round-the-world trips or exploring new terrain, with the wind in your hair and the smell of adventure on the horizon.'

Out of Africa
'If you dream of flame trees, wearing crisp white linen and tea overlooking the Savannah, then these romantic destinations may be for you.'

Moulin Rouge
'Kick up your heels, swish your skirts, raise your top hat. Go for holidays with an exuberant, passionate flavour and a dramatic heart. Show-off.'

If I were a souvenir, I'd be
Kiss me quick!
'Fun, frivolity, letting your hair down. Having a laugh. Forgetting about work, bills, email. That's what you want from a holiday.'

A fine vintage
'If you think you're like a bottle of rare wine, then you'll adore a rarefied atmosphere.'

'If you're most likely to bring back a bout of traveller's tummy, then you'll be forever drawn to far-flung places, to seek out adventure and meet new people.'

My feet are
'Rough and ready, that's you. You'll be happiest stomping round hills, camping or skiing in stunning locations.'

Tinsel toes
'Primped, preened and pedicured, you are the peacock of the travel world. It's essential to your yin, yanged and fen-shuied well-being to be seen in all the right sybaritic places.'

Easy to please
'You're not in the slightest bit bothered where you go, so long as someone else does the planning and paying. Have some ideas of your own for a change.'

In my fridge I have
Bare cupboard
'As a cheese aficionado and lager connoisseur, you're no doubt particularly good at all beige foodstuffs. Chips on the beach are your thing, so fry up and have a great time.'

Fridge full
'Slooshing, spitting and masticating are your favourite pastimes. The smell of a ripe brie makes your heart race faster, while a good Sancerre makes your tastebuds tingle.'

Yummy mummy
'Never happier than when welly-deep in hand-knitted yoghurt and hessian, your perfect trip would have to include goats, open fields and an environmental appeal.'

Why You Should Do The Quiz
While I've showed you the sort of answers you're liable to get, depending on your selections, I suggest you actually Do The Personality Quiz to get the destinations the BBC recommends; with links to more information about your 'ideal holiday destination'.

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