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Twittering, Twits and Tweets - The TravelTweet Directory is Taking Shape

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Official Travel Notes Blog

When I first looked around Twitter, I was a little overwhelmed by all the noise.

Searching for tweets about travel, or users with travel in their name on their profile, was easy enough; especially once I added the search to the TravelNotes Toolbar.

Searching for 'a term used in tweets' or 'name on user profiles' are two separate processes and meant going to different pages on Twitter to perform the search.

As a power user, I can now highlight a word on the page, and quickly switch the toolbar search - to get to my destination faster.

Try it!

Why The TravelTweet Directory

I'm sure there are already plenty of blog posts and lists around devoted to certain Twitter interests and 'top people' to follow; even software and websites specifically set up to try and help you choose who to follow - mostly based on 'popularity': MrTweet, Twitterholic, and Twitter Grader, for example.

If you just want to follow people that thousands of other people follow, it's easy enough to do (by following the 'followers'); but I didn't really see anything helpful that looked at travel and sorted the Twitter users into meaningful categories; to assist those looking for the 'right people' for them!

That's why I decided to try and make some of the travel twitter listings more meaningful, by sorting the Travel Companies and Travel Tweeters - by category.

The list is by no means complete; but as I continue adding to the TravelTweet Directory, I hope you find it useful.

Travel Companies on Twitter

Travel Companies are sorted according to the field they work in, to make it easier to find them.

As well as a direct link to their Twitter page, there's an @Link; where you can automatically tweet them (if you have a Twitter account and are logged-in).

Travel Tweeters

Travel Tweeters are individuals, listed by location.

Hopefully, if you need travel advice about a certain location, they'll answer your call for help.

You can tweet them by clicking on their photo or go to their profile by clicking on the link.

Getting Listed on the TravelTweet Directory

To stand a chance of being listed, the travel tweeters will need to have a photo on their profile, along with name, location and bio revealed.

After all, it helps to know who's doing the twittering; from where.

Listings are not subject to a TravelTweet following in any way (although you might get listed quicker if you do follow me), nor is having a Twitter presence a guarantee of a listing.

It's what you're doing with your Twitter account and your twittering coverage related to travel in general (or your location) that counts.

You can Send a Tweet to me on Twitter, whether you're following me or not; but you will need a Twitter account.

Tweet about the TravelTweet Directory on Twitter

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At 28/1/09 00:32, Blogger Soultravelers3 said...

Hola from Spain ( at the moment)! You are off to a great start, but you are also missing a lot of the top Travel twitterers.

Have you seen @guykawasaki's Alltop travel list? Or @elliottdotorg's top 100 travel twitterers list, voyageeks top 50 travel twitter people you should follow or @elliottng's top 200 travel list or the T-list on twitter? Those are all great places to find the top people who twitter about travel.

I notice you have a lot of new people to twitter as well, but it is good to have some travel twitter types who have been on for a while and have a real sense of twitter.

Both @everythingtrip and @soultravelers3 should be in your traveling the world category. They both have a 100 score on Twittergrader, have some of the largest followings in travel tweets and have been doing useful, inspiring travel tweets for longer than most.

I did not see any family world travelers listed in your travel twitters & I think that is an important area that inspires many! Did you know 70% of families dream of doing extended travel?

Please add @soultravelers3 to your list. We are the only family on twitter 3 years into an open ended world tour! We are also the only ones who takes thousands of disadvantaged school kids with us virtually as we roam!!

Carpe Diem! ;)

At 28/1/09 10:56, Blogger travelnotes said...

Thanks for taking the time out of your world travelling schedule to comment.

I am aware that there are so-called 'top lists' out there and will be going through them in due course; but didn't really want to set out by duplicating what others may have done already.

There is indeed a 'World Travellers' category; for those who are on the move, as I find their voyages inspiring too.

As for @soultravelers3, I did visit your profile (and blog) earlier and noticed that you didn't want to add a personal photo or reveal your names 'to protect the child's identity' and I respect your decision.

Therefore, the veiled nomads were not added; as name and photo are required - except for the Travel Companies section, where we'll use their corporate image.

I can't seem to find @everythingtrip, so I presume there's a typo there.



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