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Inbox (0) - Is It Just a Dream?

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Official Travel Notes Blog

How do you deal with e-mail overload?

I'm not talking about all the spam and filtered 'direct to trash' mails that bounce around the LAN lines, but the thousands of subjects in your inbox that just might be worth looking at; to find the gems that you really need.

Every now and then I go on a purge, but - short of deleting the account and creating a new one (which I've done a few times) - I can't get an Inbox (0) to end the day on.

I wondered if anyone on Twitter had an idea:

Checking through some other hashtags sometimes helps - #inbox, #inboxzero.

If nothing else, it provides some entertaining distraction.

Email Overload
Created by: Online IT Degree

The Inbox count has probably gone up while I've been posting this.

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